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Felt like we should have a thread for these.
I'll start with a short one since I have a test coming up in a few hours:


When I was in Junior High, the girls in my class came up with a great game - they would sit in the hallway in a place unseen by teachers, choose a victim (I am uncertain of the exact mechanism), take her shoes off, and tickle her feet. I have no idea what the objective of the game was, but I am pretty sure the point was that they had to stop themselves from laughing too loudly, so as to not be found by the teachers.
Usually 1 or 2 girls would attack the poor victim while another held her feet on her lap, they would start really slowly, sensually even, and would gradually go faster and tickle harder. I even recall I caught them licking one girl's feet one time, driving her pretty crazy.
After a while (again, not sure of the mechanism) they would switch, and often the former victim seemed to greatly enjoy her revenge.


Personally I was obviously very aroused by the game, but since I was not really sexually aware at the time, I was mostly embarrassed by it, and made sure to avoid the hallways where they played. A certain girl even invited me to play with them a couple of times, probably to tease me, and I am really sad for never taking her up on her offer, would have made a great memory. I mostly recall how beautiful their feet were. There was one girl who was especially arousing her breasts were huge even back then (she had to undergo a breast reduction in high school because they were too big and were hindering her), her legs were long and she would usually wear short skirts to show them off, her feet were pale white, and really long, with high arches, and she was crazy ticklish, her giggling could always be heard throughout the hallway the moment they started playing. I had a thing for her in latter years, but alas, it never came to be…

I am pretty sure that is also a huge part of why I have such a strong tickling and feet fetish today.


I've posted this a lot especially on /d/ and /soc/, but here it is again.

I knew a girl named Jessie, who, while ridiculously ticklish and enjoyed it, didn't have the fetish, so I got her (good, mind you) like 3 times before she always moved far, far away. She had slender, tanned feet are pretty much the gold standard for a ticklefag like myself. The best time I got her was actually in the middle of a crowded cafeteria in the last week of high school. Deciding that since it was the last week ever and she had on flipflops, I just really, really wanted to get her, so I walk up to her table and ask her to hand me her foot. Which she does, without a moments hesitation (another reason OP is a fag, lel), so I decide if she's making it that easy, I go for broke, pop off her flipflop, and tickle the bitch like crazy. She unexpected blows up into loud, hysterical laughing, but makes absolutely no attempt to take her foot away from me and actually slides her other leg into my lap. Concluding that this was a sign she enjoyed very much what was happening, I stop for a second, look her in the face, slide off the other sandal, she looks back at me smiling, and I just go crazy tickling both of her feet. The entire time, the entire lunchroom is staring at use, wondering what the fuck is going on (although it was still very loud, so it wasn't a massive distraction), and I just go at it for like 5 minutes. I wanted to stop before she got sick of it, so she'd want to do it later on, and put her shoes back on for her. I asked her friend if she wanted to have a shot, and she made fun of me. That said, I was still high from Jessie feet time, so I couldn't care less.


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I just realized, because I copypasta'd this from an archived /d/ thread with an unrelated OP, that I unintentionally called *this* OP a fag for seemingly no reason. I assure you it wasn't directed at you my good man.


This girl I met via TMF, found out she lived about an hour away from me so we decided over Christmas one year we needed to meet up and have some fun. This was my first time with another person who had the fetish outright (most up til this point had been just friends I talked into trying it on a whim), so I went and stocked up on rope and feathers. Neither of us had anywhere to go with any real degree of privacy, so we met up in the malls parking lot in an empty part in the back of my chevy blazer. We both hop in the back seat and she ties my ankles and hands together and starts on my feet. They were like itchy-ticklish, not really getting anything more than a smirk and some twitching, so she heads up to my stomach where I'm most ticklish for about 5 minutes, raking the fuck out of my stomach and sides. Was rad, but she had long, fake nails, which scratch me more than they tickle.




Eventually we decide its her turn (she was more lee and I more ler at the time, so this was the main event as it were), and I tie her hands behind her back and ankles together. I pop off her shoes an lightly scratch on her soft, chunky soles, which immediately gets her going in a stream of hard giggles. I work my index finger back and forth across for a while slowly, building up anticipation and making her wiggle more and more the longer I go. having never licked or sucked toes or feet before at that point, I give that a try. It works, she bucks back and squeals sharply, but her feet were cold and not really appealing taste wise (not gross, but not like, "fun", either), so after a few short noms I take them out of my mouth. I grab the pack of feathers and slide one between her toes, space by space, slowly. She's loving it, and after I get between each space, I get another feather and repeat the process, until eventually she has four feathers tickling each space at once.

This has been going on for about 20 minutes at the point, and this girl hasn't shown any signs of dull sensitivity at all. If anything she seems to get more ticklish the longer I go. I decide to switch out feathers with a length of the nylon rope we were using for bondage and try flossing her toes with that. It works better than the feathers, and she erupts into rapid fire giggling. While she's distracted from the sensation, I grab a plastic hair brush (by now a cliched tickle tool from videos), and by god does that fucker work wonders. The second it hits her soles she's howling and jerking back as hard as she can, barely hitting her head against the backseat window and wiggling her ankles in the rope with no success.



At the point I'm out of ideas, and we decide now is time for the endurance test, where I would switch between my fingers, tongue, feathers, rope, and brush in random intervals non stop until she begged for mercy. I give her a minute to breath (which she insists she didn't need), I go to town. I attack her soft little feets with everything I have, making her squeal and shake like crazy. It was like living a dream.

This goes on for about 35 more minutes, until I become cramped from having sat sideways in the backseats for so long, and I tell her that it was incredible, but I had more things to do later in the day. She expresses disappointment that the fun and ended and had "only" been about an hour or so (she would tell me later on she routinely did 3,4, sometimes 5 hour torture sessions at a local BDSM fixture), and we make plans to do it again.

We never do. As long as we knew each other (about 2 years), we never met up again for torture fun. She did, at one time, express a good deal of interest in doing some amatuer tickling videos with me (she would later go on to do a single professional one with Boston Tickling). When I approached her months later trying to take her up on the offer, she mysteriously blocks me from facebook, tmf, fetlife, etc. I later come to find out her boyfriend had seen the text and not realized she had been that into a fetish scene.



Dude that blows. I hate it when vanilla people interfere with what comes so naturally for people like us. "Oh you're into something unconventional, time to make you feel ashamed."



Sucks, but kind of understandable. For all I know he did know she was "into it", but not to that extent. Or had offered to do fetish films with another guy, albeit months beforehand.

She did end up doing a video for that Boston Tickler guy, I'll try and find the preview. She doesn't show her face but her reactions are fucking hilarious.


Where do you live? Would you ever consider meeting up with a guy?


Maybe the guy didn't want his girl meeting up with some dude to get tickled? That seems pretty fucking reasonable.


Holy shit man, you've got some guts.
I am deathly afraid of tickling anyone in public, I once tickled my coworker's feet and she called me out on being a foot-fetishist, an image which stuck with me until I left that workplace over a year later.



NOVA. And probably. Not gonna touch your pecker though lol.


Keep in mind he wasn't around when the idea was first kicked around, and she never mentioned him right up until he found the text, had I known the situation I wouldn't have suggested it.


Haha I knew her well enough by that point to gauge that she wouldn't react THAT bad, and on the offchance she did school was over in like 3 days, so what did I care. That said her friend I asked immediately after did kind of start calling it really weird, but since I didn't really give a shit (too revved up from tickling slender beautiful Italian girl feet) she didn't keep going. I guess she was more just trying to nutcheck me than actually fuck with me over a foot fetish.

Keep in mind I was essentially friends with both of these people at the time, albeit not close ones. The relationship makes all the difference when you pull shit like this.


>Gf asks me to tell her about my sexual fantasies
>Tell her i've always enjoyed being tied up, and some tickling is fine, too
>She likes the idea

>What i thought would be nothing but some playful, light tickling turned into my dream come true when she sat on my face and started tickling my ribs and pits like crazy while smothering me. Every few seconds she would let me get some air and start over again. I don't even know how long this lasted, when she was finally done she rode my cock until i had one of the most powerful orgasms i've ever had.

i… i think i'm in love


Damn, you're lucky as fuck.

I've had a few ticklish-very ticklish girlfriends, but I've yet to find one who can tickle properly. I tried to teach my last girlfriend (long relationship), but she was terrible at it to the very end.


When I was little I actually did manage to trick a babysitter into getting tied up. Afterwords I pulled off her sandals and tickled her feet relentlessly with her screaming her head off at me the entire time. She was a cute 80's brunette with the poofy long hair and hot pink legwarmers. My parents walked in in the middle of it and my dad beat the ever loving fuck out of me for it. When they untied her I had also noticed the stain between her legs; she had pissed herself. Needless to say I never saw that babysitter again but despite the beating it was still totally worth it.


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>Gf into bdsm, as am I
>Gateway to tickling, among other things
>Texted me recently saying she likes it when I tickle her during bdsm-related things
I have assumed direct control.



Was there any aftermath with the girls parents raising a fit over it?



If there was, I was never made aware of it. I'm guessing they would try to protect me from any repercussions other than what they delivered themselves.


I was at a party a while ago at a friend's house. There were 6 of us there. My friend C started acting like a punk towards my friend D and I, and eventually we had enough of her shit. He pinned her arms above her head and and I started in on her ribs. Not much reaction until another friend, N, said that she was really sensitive on her stomach. Her wide eyed expression was priceless as well as the following, "Fuck you!" to him. As soon as I started in she lost it. She was almost laughing so hard that she couldn't make a sound. After a few minutes of that I let breathe for a second and went for her feet. As soon as I took off her 2 layers of socks (no idea why) she was damn near hysterical. Every time I stopped she would always say that her friend was more ticklish then her. We would look at her friend, laugh, and then tickle C senseless again. I went back and forth from her ribs to her feet a few more times before we stopped. Of course, she decided to try her luck and get back at us, but it just ended in the same way 2 more times. But no matter how bad it was, I have a suspicion that she didn't totally hate it.


Anyone save any of the real life stories from that now infamous thread on /d/ months back that got really creepy?


I think it was in that same thread that I posted about tickling my commander in the army, if someone saved it I'd love to be saved the trouble of typing it again to share.



Which one, the "BDSM club guy tortures his cunt wife" thread or the "I jerked off after tickling my retarded cousin til she pissed ehrself" thread?


I really regret not having any good stories. I've been at houseparties where everyone just ends up crashing wherever and I'll sneak a few scratches onto a girls foot. I do feel liek a creep for having done it but then I see the shit on /d/ and I'm like "ok I'm not bad". Had a friend in high school who was super ticklish. Every so often I'd give her a few pokes in the belly and she'd squeal. I don't think I ever saw her feet though


if I remember right she wasn't retarded, she had Cerebral palsy, which in some cases can impair cognition, but not to the degree of retardation. It's mostly an impairment of the brains physical control of the body.
the "BDSM club guy tortures his cunt wife" story was fucking great, for several reasons.


Lee experiences anyone?
I love being tickled, but my only experience is being tickled by my babysitter when I was young.
We had an endurance game where she would tickle me and I would try to hold out as long as possible.


When I was in secondary school, a girl used a tie to tie me to a sort of fence thing, and tickled me a bit. Only for like 5 seconds though. I get screamy and shit as soon as I'm tickled. It's honestly fucking horrible, even with this fetish.
I fapped to it afterwards though.



I'm pretty sure most of that thread was people making shit up but it was still a good read either way. The one with the dude who tickled his Filipino housekeepers feet while stuck under the bed when he was little was hot. The thread seemed to be going well till that one freak made a remark based on the "tickling my retarded cousin" story about how special needs people should be used for sexual pleasure since they don't know any better and are a drain on our economy, serving no other useful purpose. The few people that agreed with him I hope to god were just trolling.


Did journia ever write any of his/her stories down?


Is there any link to these threads? I want to read them.


thats a good question.. are there any sites that archive /d/?



Nah just pages I downloaded in their entirety in look at at times. I can copypasta/screencap parts of them though, lemme look through them for some gems.


I'd love it, please.



I think there was one about the guy who lost a Magic: The Gathering game that was good. Did anyone save that one?


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My boyfriend and I are both switches, but as far as tickling goes I'm the 'lee and he's the 'ler and we've had some fantastic experiences with it.

Once, during foreplay, I had my arms above my head and he began to run his fingers up and down my sides and armpits, and I instinctively squealed and jerked my arms down. He roughly continued tickling me and stared me straight in the eyes and said "Keep your arms up." in the most dominant voice I've ever heard him manage and it was unreasonably hot. He went to town on my ribcage and armpits (most ticklish spots) and all I could do was squirm and try to muffle my laughter (as he lives in a dorm and his roommate was studying nextdoor). After a little bit he leans in close, still tickling me and breathily says "Don't stifle it. I want him to hear you laugh."

I swear that's probably the closest I've come to orgasm just from tickling alone. It still gives me shivers just thinking about it.


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greentext dump, trigger warning some might be fairly obvious lies.


File: 1393792415414.jpg (170.89 KB, 1556x118)


File: 1393792452219.jpg (225.15 KB, 784x578)

This *might* be the same guy, I'm not sure.


I fucking love stories like these. Post all the f/m content you have pls. Thank you for doing this too


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I hate to say it but I might have oversold how many of these were actually "stories", I'll post what I got but I think it's far fewer than I remembered.


File: 1393793266647.jpg (112.93 KB, 1016x137)


File: 1393793607604.jpg (228.88 KB, 1560x182)

One that was in /tv/ for some reason…


I remember when i was in 1st grade, there was a girl who I would ask to let me feel her belly.
I have a tickling fetish that's kinda paired up with a tummy/navel fetish, also I was waaay to young to realize why exactly I wanted to do this. All I knew is I liked tickling and girls' bellies. And for some reason she would let me just put my hand kinda up her shirt a little and let me just feel and tickle her belly.


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I remember at the first house party I'd ever been to, there was a girl who I was sitting beside under a desk, who eventually lay down and put her feet under the covers on my lap. I told her that we should play a game. I'd let her guess who the next person around the corner would be, and if she got it wrong, then I'd tickle her feet. If I got it wrong, I'd massage them. She got very badly tickled, and also got a nice massage, and it was under the covers (sleeping bag) so nobody else knew what was going on. Perfection.


How old was she?
Barefoot or not?


The first real experience I had that I'd say "counts," happened some time ago, when I was still in college. It was getting close to the end of the semester, and our campus was hosting one of those all-day events where everyone gets drunk and socializes outside while trying to seem sober enough to avoid being arrested by campus police. The day was winding down and a group of us ended up back in one of my friend's suite. It was pretty quiet, so a female friend, Amanda, and I made plans to go back to her room and make pina coladas. Just as we're getting ready to leave, Amanda decides to be a brat and steals a hat from one of my good friends, Doug, whom she used to… kind of… date, ish? It was a strange brand of commitment without commitment and ended up messing Doug up pretty badly, though he'd gotten over it by the time this happened. So Amanda grabs Doug's hat and hides, Doug goes after her and, Doug being a close friend, I go help him out. We find her in another suitemate's empty room where she tries to engage in tug-of-war over the hat. On my advice Doug starts tickling her.


Now, I'd long since known that Amanda was super ticklish; it only took a few fingers in her ribs and she was quickly reduced to a giggling ball on the floor, and I’d been using this knowledge to my advantage whenever she was being bratty and needed to be taken down a peg (I didn’t want to encourage her violence, and I wasn’t about to hit a girl). She definitely needed to be put in her place in this case, and she quickly collapses in a fit of giggles as both Doug’s and my hands start tickling her hips and ribs. Doug actually got his hat back pretty quickly, but I was drunk enough that I both didn’t notice and was willing to take things a bit farther than I normally do. I kept tickling her, but she wasn’t laughing the way the normally does (The alcohol was probably messing with my technique as well). Then I noticed that she was wearing those slip-on hipster shoes, so I grabbed her ankle, slid the shoe off, and started tickling her foot.


She went ballistic, it was glorious. I was able to keep her foot still enough to just lightly scribble my fingertips over her sole and she absolutely lost it. Thrashing, hysterical behind me, she tried kicking at my arm, so I just wrapped my arm around her other leg too, which allowed me to keep tickling her in peace and seemed to make her even more ticklish. It was absolutely bizarre, the feeling that I got from that, because the alcohol, plus our friendship, had removed any eroticism from the experience, but in a positive way. I felt… fulfilled is the only way to describe it, sitting there with her helpless behind me, forcing joy onto and into her. I was controlling her gently, forcing myself onto her in a way that made her happy. The universe of possibility opened up before me. I was giving while taking, and taking while giving. I was the fulcrum. I was the Kwisatz Haderach.

Then we got up, went to her room with some other friends, and Drank pina coladas while watching Monsters inc.


Wow, that's inspired.
And kudos on the Dune reference.


I had an ex-fiancee (to this day I still miss) who was a closet ticklephile.

One time when we were alone as I was giving her a foot massage, she shyly whispered "…tickle me?". Immediately once I started scritching her soles with my nails, she immediately started rubbing her crotch through her jeans while lightly giggling.
I remember being fascinated by this unusual, yet sexy reaction.



She introduce you to the ticklefaggotry, or you were already pretty well into it and were surprised to find she enjoyed it too?

There's probably a good chance you gave it to her.



I've always been into tickling since as young as I was a toddler (I blame the countless tickle scenes in cartoons I watched throughout my childhood), I knew she was into it, but didn't realize HOW much into it she was until that moment.

She and I met after she saw some of my old tickle art, knowing I shared a kink she secretly had before we got together. So a good chance she's had it since childhood too.

She ended up marrying someone else, so I hope she's enjoying her fill without me.



I really need to get around to typing out the other stories related to that BSDM guy.


This…this seems a tad out of context. Googleing the e-mail address leads to this chicks FB account where she lists an interest in ticklish men. Advertising, are we?

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